Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Prove It!

I was speaking with a friend about my blog and he was showing no hope in what I was trying to accomplish.  I am working towards having child sexual abuse reach a plateau and then bringing it to an end.

He looked me straight in the eye and said,"Prove it!"

Good point.  In the age of cameras everywhere it might be easier now than when I was a child.
Yes, my pedophile did include me in child pornography but with pictures dating back to 1966 that might prove to be a little more difficult.  I am not sure where I would begin to look for pictures of myself in child porn.

In my own personal case I believe I could prove it in a court of law.   I have always enjoyed public speaking anyway.  Would be interesting.   Have to think about that.

In a conversation with my pedophile, before everything was clear about who he was to me, (pre-memories) we were chatting and I was saying how I really had a bad childhood.   He responded that he knew I had a bad childhood.   He explained it away saying, "That's because you were unhappy."   "Why was I unhappy?" I asked.  "Because you had a bad childhood!" came the "logical" answer.

Three Words.  Little. White. Lies.

If a person would match up the timeline of what I remember with child sexual abuse, with the timeline of all the times I "acted up" or "acted strangely" you would see a definite pattern.   Is that proof?

There is a definite lack of feelings toward my biological parents and siblings.  Is that proof?

The details of my life such as patterns of relationships are a text book example from a person who has been sexually molested.  Is that proof?

I am willing to go through any test to show that I am a survivor of child sexual abuse.  The main person in question has refused to answer a letter I wrote outlining the details of his involvement in my survival of child sexual abuse.  I can not speak for him but, do you think he would agree to go through a polygraph test?  I doubt it.  Is that Proof?

The saddest part of all of this is, All I ever wanted to find out from him, my pedophile was, What happened to You?  I only wanted to speak with him alone, quietly, away from his wife, my biological mother.

Can we ever really Prove It?   Do we need to put cameras on our children 24/7 in order to document and PROVE IT?

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