Monday, June 8, 2015

Private Pants

It may seem like a small thing but I have been thinking....What if we change the name of "underpants" to "Private Pants".    I am thinking of this for infants and children's undergarments.
This way we can begin to teach children about "private area's" of their body.  This way they can tell you if anyone removed or went under their "private pants". 

Just a thought. 


Thursday, May 21, 2015

Major Pedophile Ring in UK

UK authorities work to expose nation's largest pedophile ring

21.05.2015 | Source:



UK authorities work to expose nation's largest pedophile ring. 55265.jpeg
Operation Hydrant created by UK National Police Chief's Council, is investigating a number of alleged sex abuse inquiries, Pravda.Ru reports. The operation, which does not conduct a particular investigation, said that the 1,433 suspected offenders included 76 politicians, 43 musicians, and 135 from film, television and radio. A further 216 were revealed to have died.
The alleged abuse is primarily thought to have happened in institutions. As many as 666 of the suspects targeted victims in establishment places.
A total of 154 schools, 75 children's homes and 40 places of religious worship were among the institutions identified.
The UK authorities see "an unprecedented increase" in the number of allegations surfacing, officials said.
As part of Operation Hydrant, authorities investifate incidents spanning from the 1970s till the 2000s. In all of those incidents, inquiries into MPs, actors and the clergy were dropped due to pressure from senior officers.




Friday, May 15, 2015

Networking for Health

Are there any people out there who would like to communicate privately with each other who are survivors of incest? Men or Women who would like to have a chat line for support and social interaction? Networking for healing purposes and even healing enough to interact and build relationships with each other? Friendships and respectful dating relations? There are sites out there for dating.....but I am not sure if there is something specific to a survivor of incest or child sexual abuse. Just a thought. (look at me so desperate for a date I try to create something like this!?!!!!!~ This last part is pure comedy) It really is all about healing and healthy boundaries to be respected to move forward with ones own life and IF you are ready to have some kind of relationship THEN....YOU will decide what that will be! Empowerment is Important. Please respond. I will see what I can do to create a private space on the web to do such a thing.


Friday, May 1, 2015

The Family Has Grown Closer (Post With Conjecture)

This post is purely conjecture. 

It has been many years since anyone in my family has had any communication with me and many years since anyone has responded to a phone call a letter or an actual visit I made to them.

I can only think that they are growing closer together in the face of this individual who is trying to address the issues of family health. 

It appears I have made my pedophile cry and yet no one is demanding that I apologize.
We could go through exactly what my letter said to find out exactly what made this person cry but
that might lead to the truth!  So lets not do That!

My "family" is practicing what they like to call "tough love" but all I am smelling is tough shit!
(sorry about that..........I think that might be the first time I wrote that word) 

I do have empathy for any person who is attracted to a young child or infant in a sexual way.
I do not believe anyone in my "family" has the empathy for me that I feel for my birth father.

I am very happy that my spirituality is strong and that while it would be nice to have actual relationships with my the people who claim to be loving supportive family, I really do not miss them because I did not bond with any of them.  My mother a little....Maybe.......but for the most part I am an incest orphan.  I lived a very turbulent incesthood.  (That squiggly red line underlining the last word in that last sentence...the one you can't see.... needs to go away)


Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Gabriel Garcia Marquez Quote

“She discovered with great delight that one does not love one's children just because they are one's children but because of the friendship formed while raising them.”

― Gabriel Garcí­a Márquez, Love in the Time of Cholera

A friend just posted this on her Facebook page. It is a beautiful quote. When I read this I think of what a difficult situation when a child does not build any kind of relationship with their mother due to surviving incest. The house was poisoned and I did not trust a friendship with my mother.

I also noticed a lack of missing my mother when a mechanic friend of mine was working on my car and mentioned he missed his mother who had died a week prior.  I really did not have a safe place to have built a relationship with my mother.  We all need surrogate mothers and fathers if we do not have what we need in our infancy and youth.  The trick is to always Be there for others if and when they are there for you and Do Not Cling!  Learn the appropriate boundaries'! 

If you are a survivor of sexual abuse and dealing with dissociation, this just adds another twist to the recovery. 


Thursday, April 16, 2015

New Word to "Get Real" About


[chahyld-hoo d]

1. the state or period of being a child.
2. the early stage in the existence of something:
the childhood of the human race.

Childhood should be a carefree simpler time.  When that is taken away you endure what I call "incesthood".


1. the state or period of being used sexually as a child.
2. the early stage in the existence of something horrible.

1. the action of having been sexually molested by a blood relative, i.e. father, brother, uncle etc.

There are hundreds of thousands of people out there who did not Have a childhood.  A number of those people will go on to continue the epidemic of child sexual abuse.  A number of those people will never speak of this to their families.  A number of those people will support and hide any actions they survived.  A number of those will do the work to get out of that destructive cycle and try to change for the health of it.

Too many families are expecting family loyalty without being loyal to the survivors of child sexual abuse.

I have explored the way to get a word into the dictionary and the main way a word is added is by usage.   This posses a particular problem as there is a gargantuan majority of people who are survivors who will not come forward to be open about their survival.  An aunt of mine who will not speak with me….she will speak At me but will never broach the subject of incest or child sexual abuse and I tried for 25  years!  I have bookmarked the page to submit a word to the dictionary and will go back and fill
out all the reasons why I believe it to be a valid word.  If you want to share this post with anyone or any organization who could begin to Use this word….well that would be Great!   Peace.  

Friday, April 10, 2015

Issues of Unresolved Trauma

I have been searching out healing paths and came upon Survivors Chat.  I was taught many years ago about the power of words and the choices we make.  When you choose to express yourself as a Survivor it is very empowering.  You are not a victim.   I was victimized and I Survived!  If you are reading this You survived Too!

Copy and paste the survivors chat site and explore for yourself.  Many good ideas for a path to healing
and the other address is a guide post to check where you are in your path of healing.  I got 2 out of 20 which is good.  There are 20 signs you are still not fully healed from trauma.