Thursday, July 5, 2012

The Conditions Of Unconditional Love

This is pure conjecture but isn't it an honest assessment of my and many others situations that there are often many conditions to what many "family's" claim to be their Unconditional Love?

I have tried to address the issues of incest and child sexual abuse with one or more "loving, supportive" family members for a period of 20 years!  In all that time I have not gotten anywhere!   In all that time every last family member would most likely claim to have done all that they could.  Most "family members" would also claim to give you Unconditional Love.  I think most of those family members would be lying through their teeth!

Having grown up Catholic and knowing about "little white lies" I know all too well how people can side step basic honesty.

We all have to face that "little white lies" are not "little" and they are "Not White"....but they still remain "Lies"!

Let's take the Conditions out of Unconditional Love.

*I often read and re-read my posts for the clarity of thought I want to get across and to check for any grammatically incorrect passages.  I do have to clarify here that the frustration I have felt thus far is
predominantly with my paternal side of my relation.  I have made some progress in reconnecting with my mothers side of the family.  There is one female cousin in particular who immediately asked many questions and sent me a long detailed email with many resources about child sexual abuse.  Thanks and Love you Dorothy!

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