Friday, May 1, 2015

The Family Has Grown Closer (Post With Conjecture)

This post is purely conjecture. 

It has been many years since anyone in my family has had any communication with me and many years since anyone has responded to a phone call a letter or an actual visit I made to them.

I can only think that they are growing closer together in the face of this individual who is trying to address the issues of family health. 

It appears I have made my pedophile cry and yet no one is demanding that I apologize.
We could go through exactly what my letter said to find out exactly what made this person cry but
that might lead to the truth!  So lets not do That!

My "family" is practicing what they like to call "tough love" but all I am smelling is tough shit!
(sorry about that..........I think that might be the first time I wrote that word) 

I do have empathy for any person who is attracted to a young child or infant in a sexual way.
I do not believe anyone in my "family" has the empathy for me that I feel for my birth father.

I am very happy that my spirituality is strong and that while it would be nice to have actual relationships with my the people who claim to be loving supportive family, I really do not miss them because I did not bond with any of them.  My mother a little....Maybe.......but for the most part I am an incest orphan.  I lived a very turbulent incesthood.  (That squiggly red line underlining the last word in that last sentence...the one you can't see.... needs to go away)


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