Monday, January 21, 2013

Every Person Needs To Belong To A Community

Recently I did a search of the word "community" to investigate how many different places a person could reach out to be a part of a group.  A part of a like-minded group to share and grow and help each other.  There are literally thousands of communities out there.  Of course there are the neighborhood communities, sports communities, theatre communities, reading club communities, scrap booking communities etc.  The list is endless and continues to change and evolve.  Some fall away as likes and trends change and there are lifelong communities as well.  Family can be a wonderful community, as are some of your lifelong friends who you see after many years and speak with each other as easily as you ever did.

I did the search about the word "community" because I believe that everyone should be a part of Some Kind Of Community.   Over the years there have been some people who have been rather shocked and saddened when they find that I have from an early age lived my life in a very solitary way.    Of course it was lonely at the beginning as the sexual abuse began when I was an infant.   I became comfortable with myself and spent most of my young life by myself.  I drew and painted and created many different crafts.  I remember most of the time when I was young the other children had to actually coax me into joining a game.  It happened dozens of times.  I believe that there were some times when they just finally gave up and were tired of doing this crazy act for this crazy person.  I do not blame them.

As it is now, I have somewhat been more on my own.  I feel right now I am part of a "Community of Survivors."  I socialize with friends from work sometimes and go out for a few cocktails and happy hour foods.  I go to an occasional  movie sometimes with a friend, sometimes by myself.  I find myself going to the 3D animated movies by myself as I don't know anyone my age who needs to be more of a child since I didn't have one.  But that's OK.  I now get to be a child.  Better late than never.

I hope you can sit back  and take a look at where you are in life.  To be part of a Community is Paramount and Not just for a Sexual Abuse Survivor.    We ALL need social interaction.   Part of the problem is that we don't all get training in social interaction or in a case like me there were bumps in the  road.  We All have bumps in the road.  There are always bumps if there is a history of drug use, or alcohol abuse or sex abuse.  The social graces fall to the wayside when you are engulfed in one or more of these issues.

Please be good to yourself and reach out to a like minded group to join and be a part of.  Search out a Community in your area  or on a Safe Community Online.  Be involved as you are comfortable with.        Maybe try once a week and grow from there.  Treat the people you meet with respect and find out about them and where they are in life.  When did they join the group?  What are there other interests?  Ask about some of the history of events that have happened in the past.  Grow as a person and help grow the Community that you Join!

Every Person Needs To Belong To A Community


Anonymous said...

Hi I am a 21 year old male and I was just wondering if you had any good advice for me about seducing my father. I have wanted to have a sexual relationship with my father for years. There has been some hints that he wants me too but i do not know how to act on it.

Anonymous Survivor said...

I am really shocked to see this kind of comment here. I am pretty certain you have not checked out much of this blog as you would know that while I will not judge any person who wants to have an incestuous relationship, I am not one who wants that and I am the last person you should reach out to for advice to seduce your biological father. If you want that advice you can go to and search for "Lad and Dad's Profile. A logical thing I could say to you is check that site out and maybe leave that page open and accidentally leave that page open for your Dad to find. Gee.....I guess I can give you a little direction in how you can find what you want. The only stipulation I would have is that both parties make these ADULT decisions when they are BOTH ADULTS! There, I have had my say. Good Luck.