Friday, April 8, 2011

Do Pedophiles believe they have ALWAYS been attracted to Children?

Over the years there have been many groups of people looking to have respect and basic recognition that they feel they are entitled to. From my stand point the first that comes to mind is the GLBT community. [Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender) That is to say the sexual minorities. One group that likes to claim they are part of the sexual minority are the men of NAMBLA. (North American Man Boy Love Association) What they somehow don't seem to understand is that a child CAN NOT be ready for the sexual acts with an adult man. Maybe the man is more a child intellectually, and that is why they are drawn to having a "loving" [they claim] relationship with someone much younger than themselves.

There has been a great deal of debate about nature vs nurture on a great deal of subjects. In comparing the GLBT stance of attraction to those they are attracted to, I have often heard that they (the GLB or T) feel they have ALWAYS had those feelings. I have never heard of a pedophile that they have ALWAYS been attracted to infants or young children in a sexual way.

I know an "odd couple". I do not mean offense when I call them this. One person in an older obese white man in his late 50's. His partner is a young attractive in shape GQ looking black man about 15 years younger. They are both in good standing professions and both own their own home. It was the GQ looking black man who was the pursuer of the relationship. I did not find out until a few years of knowing this couple that the black man had been molested as a young boy. The young black boy was molested by an obese white male. I have every belief that the younger black man was initially attracted to the obese man because his initial sexual stimulation and even pleasure derived from an obese older man who molested him.

I have stated this belief in the past about the "not disturbing the nest" theory but I believe it stands to be repeated. *

There are so many people that come up with big elaborate words and theories about the way things work but I do not see anyone coming up with an explanation of how things really work and backing that theory up with anything very concrete.

When talking about GLBT persons many told about a doting mother who turned someone gay etc. Some claim that it was the sexual abuse itself that "turned" someone gay.

I believe that the sexuality you have is what you were born with. If a person is sexually abused, that will as a great deal of trouble when the person comes of age and begins to or tries to have a relationship with someone instead of just having a long string of different sexual partners. In my eyes I feel that when someone is GLBT it is just part of the balance of nature. There are many who condemn GLBT persons and say it is against GOD. There are a great many who persecute, torture and kill GLBT persons in the name of GOD. There are many countries who forbid anyone other than STRAIGHT persons. I feel that when we try to control nature that we are in for a rude awakening. You can not control nature. There is a great deal of over population as a result of this. Some want to compare that serial killers are also a part of nature, but you can not compare the act of two people loving each other to the act of a person wanting to kill over and over again.

* I was always told that I should not disturb a nest of an animal or touch a baby wild animal as you will leave your scent on the animal and it will be rejected. I believe the same can happen in ones own house, from an outside source or from ones own "father". A child NATURALLY acts differently when they have been molested! It is most often brushed aside with the excuse the child has something wrong with THEM.

I have recenty repeated another belief in that we should all remember something from each year of our lives. I would like to speak to a group of pedophiles and ask each one through a questionaire about their lives and find out what they remember from when they were 1,2,3,4 etc. years old. I would like to trace back the circumstanses that led them to be attracted to young children as I do not believe they could have always been attracted to infants and young children in a sexual way.

I have not seen any in depth study to elaborate on this part of the nature/nurture debate but I am going to begin some research and send a few emails to a few experts that I have come in contact with during the course of my writing this blog.

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