Sunday, March 30, 2014

Reaching Out to My Sisters/ Knowing The Silence/I Am An Orphan

Dear Sisters,

In my research and with all the public speaking and writing I have done over the last 25 years about surviving incest and many other forms of child sexual abuse, the next step is to have a few interviews with the people who have witnessed some of this first hand.  I was wondering if you would agree to an anonymous interview.  I would post the anonymous interview on my blog
but I would also ask that you be open to answering any questions that my come from the people who read my blog.   That would mean I would send you the questions after I receive them when people do read my blog.  I would also have a link to my Facebook page if any questions would arrive from that venue.

If you do not agree to this simple request I was wondering if you would answer some questions about when Robert and Eileen first proclaimed that I was mentally impaired and to what qualifications either of them had to make that assessment.   I realize that there was the trip to the Psych ward at [is it] St.Mary's Hospital [?] at the Flats and that may be something Bob and Eileen want to cling to to convince you and others to the validity of their misguided assessments but if they look at the laws of "Cause and Affect" they and anyone else of basic
cognitive thinking will realize that my actions and reactions were perfectly normal for what I survived in my infancy and young childhood.   Did you know I survived a near death experience when I was 4 years old?  Did you know that I had oral Gonorrhea when I was 4 years old?  I jokingly refer to that as "The Immaculate Infection"!  Funny Ha.  |

I Hope this finds you well and I look forward to your lengthy letter where we can catch up.

With all my love,

Uncounted Survivor

Dear Readers,

I have just sent this email out to my two sisters and without question I am sure that:

a) They will both not respond.   And…….
b) I am pretty sure they will give this email to the policeman who came to my apartment to question me about some shocking details of the ripples that happen after my survival of incest and other forms of child sexual abuse.

I have long thought of myself as an orphan.  It is a healthy way to think and a healthy way to just move forward.  The last attempt I had with sending my mother a letter and not getting a response was that it was a great relief.

If I would ask her if we ever got together and reminisced about the good old days, what would we talk about?  I had 3 good years with them.  I am 51 years old.  I am not going to edit out that amount of my life in order to have you in my life.   I know my mother worked her ass off cooking, cleaning, doing laundry, yard work, maintenance in the house and even working outside the house at 3 or 4 different jobs (over the years) but I am sorry, you married a pedophile that really put a monkey wrench in the mix.  I am NEVER going to pretend that 10+ years of molestation did not happen.  I am almost at the point of my achieving Personhood.  I am almost feeling complete.  I can not change the past, I can not pretend about the past.  

I will let you know if I hear from them.  Anyone want to place odds?!?

Uncounted Survivor

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