Tuesday, May 15, 2012

We Are The Best Of All The Best People We Know

Einstein's definition of crazy was, "Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result".

I recently "came out" to my mothers sister as an incest and child sexual abuse survivor.  No doubt she is still in shock and I am not sure if she will respond to my disclosure.  Meanwhile on the other fence is my fathers sister the former sister.

The last time I tried to address our part of this epidemic (and this WILL be the last time) with the sister/sister she as always brushed me to the side.  She is as polite as can be and sweet as candy and side steps you with stelth-like cleverness.   In her letter she suggested that I send a card or letter to my parents.   Hmmmmmm......Why Yes, that's a wonderful idea!  I should send yet another letter that they will not answer!   *Please refer to the first sentence of this blog post.

To my aunt the former nun, I wrote a note on Facebook saying that long after she is dead I will be there for the family if I ever hear that they are addressing this issue.

This is a woman who really helped me survive her own brother and it really makes me sad that it kind of makes me lose respect for her.  It kind of feels like a hero has died.    It's ok that super hero's die.  Keep their actions of years ago in your heart and cherish them.  I always like to think that we are or try to be the best of each person we come in contact with.  I am going to hold on the the best I can from this woman.  The woman who is there is still my aunt and I love her.   I have no idea of knowing but she may have her own demons to deal with.

In thinking back to the many documentaries I have seen one of the first that left a lasting impression was

Girl 27.  

A young girl of 17 is brutally raped and it affects her life forever.  A completely tormented soul.   The rape had completely taken over her existence.    She found some resolution late in life.

Searching for Angela Shelton.

She tries many times to speak with her father about the sexual abuses she survived.  He never speaks to her and she in turn goes ballistic with frustration.   She finds her brother is more forthcoming about his less involvement.    At one point she gets a "Cease and Desist" court order.

Today I went to http://angelashelton.com/ and found some wonderful words to heal by.   I highly encourage you to check her out!  I have to go there more often as I think she is out to make you smile.
From what I have seen she is kind of silly and very light hearted!  I mean "silly" in a very good way.

Incest a Family Tragedy

This was much more in-depth about many cases and a strategic way of addressing the issue at the core.
I think that this was one of the better documentaries.  I have stated this before, but I think the beginning was kind of slow but in a way, I absolutely feel that that is what addressing this epidemic is really like!

All in all, if you look at the ages of all of the survivors in these documentaries it appears that their are more and better resources in dealing with the traumas surrounding incest and child sexual abuse, so
in that respect, that is something to cheer about!

And remember, We Are The Best Of All The Best People We Know.......and of course the art we view, and the books we read and adventures in life we challenge ourselves by and.......

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